Life After: Werewolf Domination – sample

Here’s a teaser of my dystopian novel Life After:

Our camp went undiscovered for three weeks. One night, just before bedtime, we were sitting around the campfire, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Then suddenly, a long eerie howl shattered the silence. Everyone looked at each other, stunned.

Dad was the first to react. He leapt up and ran for his rifle, me right behind him, followed by Grandpa and Mom. All of us were armed to the teeth, and we crept to the edge of camp using the cars as cover. Dad scanned the area with his night-vision monocular.

“Looks like there’s only one, but it’s coming this way,” Dad said. He turned to Mom and whispered, “Suzi, on the count of three, turn the floodlight on straight ahead.”

She didn’t need to respond—she was ready to go. The rest of us knew what to do; when the light exposed the werewolf, lead would fly.

I was on pins and needles, and my breath was coming in short little gasps. “One…two…three!”

Mom flipped the switch. One hundred yards directly in front of us, stood the werewolf. Blinded by the sudden light in the darkness, it’d stopped and tried to shield its eyes. This only proved to irritate it further. It snarled in frustration and raised its head to smell the wind. I could hear it gnashing its teeth together.

Just as the beast lunged into a run toward us, gunshots tore through the quiet prairie and announced to anyone within a several mile radius they were not alone. Each of us aimed for a different part of the monster. The torso was the biggest target, but head shots were more effective. However, both only slowed the creature down unless we used silver bullets. Unfortunately, we were fresh out at the time.

But we continued to fire until the beast finally fell, some twenty yards away from where we stood. Once it hit the ground, all four of us raced as fast as we could to the body. It was rolling around growling and whimpering, obviously in pain

Then suddenly there was a sizzling noise as the werewolf body ejected the bullets and healed itself. Dad and I whipped out our machetes and went to work. He swung at the neck, and while he was pulling back to chop again, I hacked away. My blow did some damage, and blood squirted from the wound hitting me across the face. Mom and Grandpa joined in, and all four of us took turns swinging our axes into the creature’s bloody flesh.

It was over quickly once I’d delivered the blow decapitating the monster. Dad kicked the head away just in case it tried to sew itself back to the neck. Without silver bullets, cutting off the head was just as effective in killing a werewolf, albeit more dangerous to accomplish.

We stared at the bloody carcass for a minute while we caught our breath. Then we returned to the safety of the circle. We’d deal with the body in the morning. Since everyone else sat back in camp and did nothing, they could clean the mess up.

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Vengeance of the Werewolf – sample

Enjoy this sample of Vengeance of the Werewolf:


When the beast reached the door it stood on its hind legs and grabbed the door handle and pulled. The bright light of the bathroom hurt its eyes until they adjusted. It ducked down and walked into the bathroom aiming for the handicapped stall at the other end. She was in there, it could smell her and the stupid dog. When the beast was about two stalls away from Harley, it heard her whispering to the dog and the rustle of clothing.


Skipper looked over his shoulder at Harley and she knew they were in very serious danger. The claws were close, so close the musky scent overwhelmed her. “Skip, I need you to scare the hell out of whoever that is. No biting, just bark and run. We have to get to the car.” She pulled her keys out of her pocket and reached for the door latch.


When the latch released the beast smashed the flat of its paw against the outside of the door. It ripped from its hinges revealing the girl. The beast almost smiled, forgetting about the dog.


Skipper lunged yanking the leash from Harley’s hand. Neither girl nor dog had ever seen anything like what stood in the open doorway. The thing facing them had to be over six feet tall and it was standing on its back legs. But it wasn’t a bear. It had the face of a wolf, but with more teeth.

Harley screamed when Skipper pulled away. Because of the slick floor, Skipper’s jump didn’t come as close to the neck as he would have liked. But no matter, his instinct was to attack and protect so he latched onto the first part of the monster he hit.

Harley watched in horror while Skipper clamped down on the monster’s groin. It screamed in rage and pain as Skipper shook his head from side to side.

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Poaching the Immortal – Sample

This is a taste of the page turning goodness inside the front and back covers of Poaching the Immortal:

Donavon halted at the resonance of Ted’s challenge. Aaron ran into his backside and almost knocked them both to the ground.

“Will you watch where you’re going, jackass? You damn near knocked me down!” Donavon regained his footing and threw a dirty look back towards Aaron.

“Hey, I’m not the one who just stopped in the middle of the road here! Stupid fucker.”

Donavon ignored Aaron and said, “You heard that right? He’s changed. The werewolf is out of the bag now.”

“Of course I heard it. And it sounded fucking awesome. Can you see it? Because I can’t.” Aaron was bobbing his head back and forth and up and down while squinting his eyes.

“No, after he was hit and went down I saw dark fur and then just the bushes shaking. Maybe we killed him. They are supposed to be allergic to silver.” Donavon stared at the last spot he’d seen Ted.

Before either man could respond or raise their weapons Ted burst out from seemingly nowhere, catching them off guard. He caught Donavon first by bashing his full weight into him. Donavon fell to the ground with Ted’s snarling maw in his face. He could smell the hot animal breath and felt drops of saliva speckle him. He wasn’t prepared for the terror he was experiencing now. Nor was he prepared to be lying on the ground pinned beneath a ginormous monster.

Ted’s lips turned up a bit in a smile as he met eyes with Donavon. He was going to enjoy this. One ear swiveled backwards honing in on Aaron’s movements. His breathing was rapid and he was whimpering… it sounded like he was crawling away. He’d deal with him later. Ted turned his full attention back to Donavon and raised his right hand. He held his first finger up and waggled it back and forth before Donavon’s wide eyes.

Ted had his victim’s full attention now and lowered his clawed finger slowly to Donavon’s chest. Then he blinked his most innocent look at the man and balled his fist. Donavon didn’t have a chance to take his last breath. In a flash Ted jerked his hairy arm back and plunged his monstrous fist into his victim’s chest, shattering the breast bone and demolishing his heart.

Donavon gasped and his eyes darted wildly. His body was dead before his mind registered the trauma.

Ted continued to stare into Donavon’s eyes watching them dim while he raised his fist to his mouth and licked the gore from it. It tasted so good. He couldn’t believe he’d waited so long before feeding. His long tongue lapped at the final chunk of Donavon on his fist.

He looked down at Donavon’s corpse debating on whether to eat a bit or go after Aaron. Blood lust overruled the hunt. Ted used both clawed hands and tore the body cavity open. He buried his face in the warm flesh snapping at organs and lapping at blood. When the sweet viscera was gone, he rose to his feet and howled his joy at the sky.

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